For over 35 years I have always been a student of the market. I always try and counsel my clients using facts and telling them what they have to hear not what they want to hear. I look at all the things that influence the market i.e. demographics, inventory,  absorption rates, financing trends etc. etc. So, what about weather? Notice how it has been a little brisk and we’ve had boatloads of snow?

I read the attached article in the New Haven Register below 2 days ago. Clearly it showed that the weather had a definite impact on sales activity in our area. Given the even more brutal weather we have experienced in February, I believe that sales will be impacted even more this month. So….. when talking about listing a property, in addition to pricing it appropriately, one of the most important things to discuss is when to list their property. You do not want a property to sit on the market any longer than necessary. It just doesn’t look good. You want to price it well and list it  when people are ready to BUY! Over the years, I estimate the spring market usually starts on or about Mar 10. I have seen spring begin as early as January due to very mild winters and as last as late April due to relentless winter seasons. Now, we need to take into consideration what has been happening. The brutal weather has kept buyers away this past month or two. So, be patient, I believe it may be just a little later than Mar 10th. Pray for warmer weather asap!




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