Why Sunset Creek Realty?

Small BizWhy us, as opposed to the bigger-than-everyone company?

The vast majority of companies which carry a national name are locally-owned franchises. In exchange for the use of the name, they pay a monthly franchise fee which is usually 4-8% of their revenue, leaving a narrower profit margin to provide targeted local promotion and services for customers and clients. Far too often companies become too large and lose the sensitivity to the needs of their clients – let alone their agents. Their corporate structure does in the end, what is best for the corporation. They establish their own mortgage and insurance companies that may not provide the most complete services or competitive rates that other independent companies might provide.

The majority of residential real estate – some 60% – is sold by locally-owned, independent brokerage firms, not national franchises. Many studies show that franchised firms are often newer to the real estate business and may join franchises for the market presence and training provided. They believe that the more agents, the better. As such the average agents’ volume of sales and experience level is far lower than independent companies. Independent brokers feel an acute sense of accountability, since their local reputation is everything, while a franchised company’s name is tied to the national organization.

Sunset Creek Realty, by design will not be the largest real estate company in the land. By design, it will be the best. I have worked at all three size levels of real estate companies and I have long felt that you are only as good as the individual you choose to market your home. Rarely does the vaunted corporate umbrella assist. It is that one individual agent who is responsible for the compilation of all information, pricing, advertising, showing and negotiating as well as following through with inspections and insuring your closing goes smoothly. The agent you choose should be knowledgeable, hard working, and honest.

As in any sales, buyers appreciate knowledge and honesty. We do our homework to have correct answers for any questions that may or may not arise. Simply put, Buyers may very well put off buying if they do not trust the agent. All agents at Sunset Creek Realty have extensive experience in the business, excelling not only in the volume of property sold but in the professional manner in which they conduct themselves. We draw from not only vast experience in real estate – 8 agents – 140 years of experience – but also from our sister company, Sunset Creek Development. We have substantial experience in new construction, land use, and inspection issues. In addition we have any number of contacts with independent professionals in the banking, insurance and related industries as well as numerous contractors to assist you. These unique strengths set us apart from our competitors and make us your most valuable resource in fulfilling your real estate needs.

We will stay a small, close knit group of knowledgeable, established agents that will work in your best interest, not ours. Sunset Creek Realty agents are a team, helping each other to satisfy the needs of our clients by sharing our extensive knowledge of the area, diverse backgrounds, years of experience and boundless enthusiasm. The success of the company is a direct result of the ability of its agents to create and foster long-term relationships with clients, based on a strong foundation of trust and an unsurpassed commitment to excellence. Sunset Creek Realty is becoming an established, highly respected, independent real estate company that will continue to serve your needs and your needs alone. In the end, we all do better.

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