How Does Sunset Creek Market Your Home?

Marketing and strategyMarketing your home all starts with gathering the right information!!

Sunset Creek will go the extra mile to get all the vital information necessary to properly list your home on the MLS. This will include all existing town hall information regarding property descriptions, zoning, building, mechanicals, and more so that we will be able to accurately represent what your property has to offer. This is even more critical when physically showing the property to prospective buyers. They want all the information available, and the lack thereof may raise questions that may leave a negative impression. This also helps protect from any legal exposure.

The list on Multiple Listing Service The MLS is a constantly evolving database of properties that are currently on the market.

The Multiple Listing Service is often the first source to which sales executives will go to find a home for their clients, making this an important vehicle in the promotion and sale of your home. Equally as important, nearly all buyers in this market have access to internet realty sites. As a result well over 90% of all properties sell through the MLS system. Almost 75% of all listings are co-broked. We cooperate with all members of the Multiple Listing Service. While we are members of the Middshore MLS and the CT statewide MLS, lets face it, virtually all realtors belong to the local MLS and can offer you the same exposure to the MLS service.

Pricing Your Home

Perhaps first and foremost is the appropriate pricing of your home. Please know that with this in mind we will not attempt to “buy” your listing, in other words tell you an inflated selling price in order to gain the listing. It does not do either one of us to have property languish on the market with an over inflated price tag. This will reduce serious response to advertising, and activity by other Realtors. In reality, the most serious effect is that it helps to sell the competition. Buyers have access to the internet and more often than not, know as much about what the inventory they wish to look at and the respective value as their realtor. In addition, we constantly scrutinize the market, analyzing the conditions that drive it. We will evaluate your home and make honest comparisons to the competition to ascertain a fair, realistic price.

Electronic Media

As stated before, buyers today have electronic access to virtually all listings and review them. Surveys show that 84% of all buyers review the Realtor.Com web site and analysis shows for at least an hour per session. As a result, we subscribe to the Enhanced Realtor.Com, which ensures your property the most exposure possible to buyers. We also maintain our own web site which offers invaluable services to attract buyers. Our Hot New Listings feature will put your house in front of web shoppers immediately.

Staging the Home

First impressions are key. Attention to the exterior and interior appearance of your home reduces market time. Proper staging increases final sales price. We will assist you in effectively staging your home to make the best possible impression to buyers.

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