Seller’s Proceeds Form

help formUse this form to estimate the proceeds from your sale. And remember…we’re always happy to help, just give us a call at (203) 453-2545.

______________________________ Seller, Name, Address

______________________________ Sales Price

______________________________ Personal Property (if applicable)

______________________________ Property tax adjustment from buyer if prepaid

______________________________ Property tax escrow refunded by existing mortgagee

______________________________ Fuel Adjustment

______________________________ Other Total Credits to Seller

______________________________ 1st Mortgage Loan Payoff

______________________________ 2nd Mortgage Loan Payoff

______________________________ Other secured encumbrances

______________________________ Broker’s Commission

______________________________ Attorney’s fee

______________________________ State Conveyance Tax 1/2% up to $800,000 – 1% over

______________________________ Local Conveyance Tax $1.10 per thousand

______________________________ Recording Fees

______________________________ Corrective Fees (if any)

______________________________ Other

______________________________ Total Settlement Charges to Seller

_____________________________ EST. TOTAL SELLERS PROCEEDS AT CLOSING

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