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Hello, my name is Royal Watrous. I have been involved with real estate since 1975, mostly in the mortgage industry. My career in finance, for the most part, real estate lending, has given me the opportunity of helping people obtain their dreams.

Having expanded my career to include Real Estate Sales in 2005, I now bring this experience to Sunset Creek Realty and one of my oldest friends, Allen Jacobs. Working with Allen at Sunset Creek has allowed me to add my vast experience to a leading real estate professional and developer, and continue assisting those in search of that perfect home. Whether you are looking to find that starter home or purchase your true “dream” home, or maybe you are just looking to retire to a smaller place, we can help. Sunset Creek offers the highest level of service and commitment and will continue to work diligently, using all our resources in order to make your personal needs a reality. I would love to hear from you, Give me a call at 203-214-6453


To Our Friends at Sunset Creek Realty:

The first thing one thinks about when it comes to buying your first house is not the word easy. It is an unknown process that wise words of others can’t even begin to explain. When Daryl and I decided to purchase our first home, we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into other than we wanted a house. So here we are two young adults not knowing what lies ahead and not nearly as prepared for it as we thought.

I remember the first day we went out to see how much we could even get for our house, the terrifying number that defines all the next steps to come. On that day we got good news and bad. The bad news was the number, which started my first set of tears. However, there was a light way way way way down at the end of the tunnel that not even I could see. And the good news was this wonderful man who saw it. And not only did he see it the first day we met him, but he always reminded me of it. “Don’t give up on me,” were his words that I heard for months to come. Did we give up? No.

Roy was to become practically part of our little family. He was always there. And I mean ALWAYS. From the countless phone calls, emails, and messages that were almost daily even when we where just in a waiting period, Roy had an answer and a way to calm our nerves. “Don’t give up on me,” I would hear him say again and again as our house search turned to a purchase.

We both relied on Roy for more than just helping us get a house. We felt like he took this particular sale more personally. I have countless memories with Roy, talking business and pleasure. We all got to know each other on a friendly basis, which made the process all the more meaningful. And this process was not a common one with the constant setbacks we had. And even just days before what was supposed to be our first closing, another month setback came. Daryl and I were hanging on by a loose thread and even wanted to give it all up. But then I heard Roy’s voice, “Don’t give up on me,” and we stood our ground.

After all the craziness, rewrites, and many papers to sign, Daryl and I became homeowners on Nov. 19th, 2013 and could not have done it without Roy. He was there from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. When Roy pulled us aside to congratulate us, again I cried, but this time tears of joy. We didn’t give up and now we have something to show for all our hard work, all the hard work Roy did for us. He even reached out after all was said and done to make sure we were happy. I can’t think of a better person to have worked with, we got lucky.

Roy will always be a part of our story, our home, and any future homes to come. We thank you Roy for everything, because it would be nothing if you hadn’t been there to tell us, “Don’t give up on me.”

– Daryl Baker, Karen Thomas
Proud home owners in Ivoryton, CT with help from Royal Waltrous

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