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Do you want a successful career where you can actually enjoy what you do…or do you want to be just another face in the crowd?

All real estate companies are NOT alike. Right in our mission statement, we state that we do NOT want to be the biggest office, only the best. Sunset Creek Realty believes in old fashioned values while applying contemporary marketing. We not only work hard but we work smart. And we intentionally stay small so we do not grow beyond our means of supporting our agents.


Thanksgiving 2017 1Sunset Creek Realty is a local, independently-owned company. We are NOT encumbered with large corporate policies that do not reflect local needs. Most large companies use up resources that benefit the large companies. Sunset Creek has the ability to control resources and can direct them at our agents and clients. What this means for you is that the resources are directed at supporting the agents. We can also offer greater commission splits and no fees assessed to the agents.

Our 2 sister companies offer great resources that only add to the Sunset Creek “Trilogy.” In addition to Sunset Creek Realty, Sunset Creek Development offers great support with its 35 years of experience in building and development. Sunset Storage offers free storage to help our clients’ moving experience.

We have no “teams.” We are a team. Agents support each other. We laugh with each other and cry with each other. We are a family.

What are you looking for in a real estate company? In my 35 years, I have worked at small, medium and large companies. My most satisfying years were spent at a small company. Whether you are just entering the business or considering a change, call me today…and experience the difference.

  • Licensed, interested individuals should submit a resume to Al Jacobs at
  • Not licensed but interested in learning more? Call Al at (203) 453-0278, ext. 107.
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