The market? What is going on? Leaves aren’t the only thing falling. What to do? According to a recent article in  the Hartford Courant –  Home sale price gains — key to the recovery of the state’s housing market — remained elusive in Connecticut in August, as prices paid by buyers slid for the fifth […]


For over 35 years I have always been a student of the market. I always try and counsel my clients using facts and telling them what they have to hear not what they want to hear. I look at all the things that influence the market i.e. demographics, inventory,  absorption rates, financing trends etc. etc. So, what […]


November, 1639 State of Real Estate  Henry Whitfield had it easy. How was the market then? Pretty much open. November, 2014 State of Real Estate  TMI. There is just too much information about real estate on the news and internet. Unfortunately most of it is not put into appropriate context to do much good for […]

February 2014 – State of the Real Estate Address

I hope this finds you and yours in good times and in good health. News reports about real estate are all over the board with mixed messages. The questions is always, “How’s the market?” Here’s my official Sunset Creek Realty “STATE OF REAL ESTATE” update as of February, 2014. It is true indeed that the […]

Seller’s FAQ’s

What type of listing contract should I enter with a broker?  There are several different types of listing contracts. Exclusive Right to Sell – The “Exclusive Right to Sell” is the most common. Your broker realtor will then be willing to invest the time and money it takes to market and sell your home full […]

Where Will Your Buyers Come From?

To market your home effectively, it’s important to know what sources buyers are using to find the homes they eventually buy. The chart below gives you an at-a-glance snapshot of how your buyer might find you. At Sunset Creek Realty, your Marketing Plan will: Target home buyers as well as other real estate professionals Give […]

How Does Sunset Creek Market Your Home?

Marketing your home all starts with gathering the right information!! Sunset Creek will go the extra mile to get all the vital information necessary to properly list your home on the MLS. This will include all existing town hall information regarding property descriptions, zoning, building, mechanicals, and more so that we will be able to accurately represent what your property has to […]

Seller’s Proceeds Form

Use this form to estimate the proceeds from your sale. And remember…we’re always happy to help, just give us a call at (203) 453-2545. ______________________________ Seller, Name, Address ______________________________ Sales Price ______________________________ Personal Property (if applicable) ______________________________ Property tax adjustment from buyer if prepaid ______________________________ Property tax escrow refunded by existing mortgagee ______________________________ Fuel Adjustment ______________________________ […]

Why Sunset Creek Realty?

Why us, as opposed to the bigger-than-everyone company? The vast majority of companies which carry a national name are locally-owned franchises. In exchange for the use of the name, they pay a monthly franchise fee which is usually 4-8% of their revenue, leaving a narrower profit margin to provide targeted local promotion and services for […]

Beyond the Contract

Congratulations! You’ve got a new contract on your new home, or on the one you are selling. However, getting to a contract on your house is a great start – note the emphasis on the word “start.” Your agents’ role now becomes like that of an orchestra conductor – overseeing and coordinating the many events that […]

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