Fall 2013 – Market Update

I hope this message finds you and yours in good times and in good health. News reports about real estate are all over the board with mixed messages. So the question I get asked a LOT is always, “How’s the market?” Here’s my official Sunset Creek Realty “STATE OF REAL ESTATE” update as of October 8, […]

The 2013 State of the Real Estate Address

I hope this finds you and yours in good times and in good health. Here’s the official Sunset Creek Realty “STATE OF REAL ESTATE ADDRESS” as of January 22, 2013. Remember last year’s question, “Are we there yet?” (meaning have we hit the bottom of the market). The answer is mostly YES. The question of […]

Short Sale Buying? 411 Here – Things to Know

Banks are capitalizing on the misconception of the public that a foreclosure is automatically a good deal by forcing buyers to sign one-sided contracts that relieve them of any liability whatsoever and thereby putting buyers at huge risk. Consider the “Schedule A” provided by the banks. This is not a stock contract but may vary […]

So… Even If You Are Not Distressed

Even if your property is not “distressed,” you still need to be aware of the impact these properties have on you, whether you are buying OR selling OR both. According to the latest Realtors® Confidence Index survey, distressed real estate sales throughout the U.S. fell to 28% of the total market in October, down from […]

David vs. Goliath in Real Estate

SO WHY LIST MY HOME WITH SUNSET CREEK REALTY VS. THE BIG COMPANY? Remember who won!!! If you think the size of the company you list your home with is important, you are right. But if you think bigger is better, you are dead wrong. I have worked at large, medium, and smaller companies, and I […]

What to Do? What to Do? Do I Rent or Buy?

We agree with the conclusion from real estate company Trulia that buying is cheaper than renting in nearly 100 major U.S. markets. According to Trulia’s rent vs. buy index, buying is more affordable than renting in 98 out of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas — even in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. The […]

Are We Almost There Yet?

I hope this message finds you and yours in good times and in good health. Here’s the official Sunset Creek Realty “STATE OF REAL ESTATE” as of January 25, 2012. “ARE WE THERE YET?” Remember the old question that was asked by kids in the car after a long journey? So, I get asked that […]

Is Your House Like Day Old Bread?

GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! You’ve been keeping an eye on prices in your neighborhood for months. As the day draws near to list your house, you ask your realtor to do a Comparative Market Analysis. Armed with this information, you have a pretty good idea of what you should ask for your home. […]

Post Labor Day Market

OK, we are almost done with the summer and Hurricane Irene has done her worst. Thankfully, it was not as bad as it could have been. So are you ready for Sunset Creek’s “State of Real Estate”? Clearly, it is a buyer’s market. After  studying the market for 32 years, the Al Jacobs’ barometer of […]

Going to Market? Listen Up

Do you listen to your Doctor? He should have a pretty good idea of the condition you are in and what to do to keep you healthy. It means he has the knowledge and years of experience to draw from. We all want to believe we are healthy as a horse and will live forever. […]

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